Estate Planning and Administration

Estate Planning

This firm provides sophisticated estate-planning services designed to meet the needs of all clients, from wage earner to retiree, and from young families concerned with the care and education of their children to those who wish to plan for a comfortable retirement and the succession of their estate with a minimum estate tax and cost of administration impact.

Whether assisting in designing the estate plan, minimizing the impact of taxes, or making sure that the client correctly fulfills his/her fiduciary obligations, our goals are to provide innovative planning strategies, practical solutions, and efficient service.

We assist our clients by:

• Ensuring the correct distribution of assets
• Ensuring the appointment of the named trustees and personal representatives
• Ensuring that spouses and children (including children of prior marriages in some instances) are provided for as required by law
• Ensuring that tax savings are considered and implemented consistent with the decedents’ and families’ overall plan
• Addressing specific or unusual situations

We also analyze, design, and document gifts during clients’ lifetimes and gifts through trusts. We form entities to hold, manage, and transfer from one generation to the next, family wealth, real estate, and investments through family partnerships and limited liability companies.

Estate Administration

Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients following the loss of a family member or friend. Such assistance includes identifying and valuing assets, dealing with creditors, accounting to beneficiaries, and distributing assets.

Our experience in the administration and distribution of trusts and estates allows efficient resolution of the many complex issues our clients face following the death of a family member. We offer objective guidance to trustees, executors and beneficiaries in contested and uncontested matters. Usually, these matters can be resolved through settlement negotiations or non-judicial dispute resolution. However, when litigation is inevitable, we work closely with this firm’s litigation specialists to achieve positive results for our clients.

Estate Planning and Administration Attorneys:

David Brown