Secured Transactions and Foreclosures

  • Secured Transactions
    Our attorneys have significant experience in developing contracts, notes, mortgages and other instruments to secure and protect creditors’ interests in real and personal property. Our firm has unique experience in the sale of capital-intensive businesses where the seller “carries” a portion of the sale price. We have the experience to ensure the creditor is adequately protected.
  • Foreclosures and Creditors’ Rights
    Our attorneys have significant experience in foreclosures and collection actions. We represent several banks assisting with foreclosures and collections. We have foreclosed security interests in real property, personal property and intangibles. Because we are located in an agriculture-based economy, we have developed our practice in collecting on security interests in assets related to agriculture such as cattle, crops, and government payments.

Secured Transactions and Foreclosures Attorneys:

Brian D. DiFonzo

Scott K. Warner