Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car and truck accidents happen every day, and Oregon and Idaho are no exception.

At Yturri Rose, LLP, our attorneys understand that a car accident can change your life or even end the life of a loved one in an instant. Whether your car accident was caused by someone who ran a traffic light or stop sign, a drunk driver, or some other mistake, the results can be devastating.

Regardless of how the accident occurred, our clients come to us seeking fair compensation for their injuries, and many do not know what to do next. At Yturri Rose, we understand Oregon and Idaho car accident insurance law inside and out, and help our clients obtain the compensation they are entitled to, and that they deserve.

Working with the Insurance Company to Resolve Your Car Accident Claim

A car accident can result in significant personal injuries, including injuries to your head, neck, shoulders, and back. Car accidents also result in cuts and lacerations, broken bones, whiplash, and other injuries. These injuries can cause significant pain and suffering, resulting in missed time from work, lost wages, and a loss of enjoyment of life.

Most car accident claims involve an insurance company, and Yturri Rose has extensive experience representing people injured in a car accident as well as the insurance companies that help resolve these claims.

If we represent you in a car accident, we will gather information about the cause of the crash and the injuries you suffered. Most commonly, we will use this information to demand appropriate compensation from the other driver’s insurance company, and work to resolve your claim outside of court. If we cannot settle your case for a fair and reasonable amount, if appropriate, we will file a lawsuit to protect your rights and seek the compensation you and your family deserve.

Yturri Rose: A Reputation for Results.

The personal injury attorneys at Yturri Rose can help by explaining your options, protecting your rights, and maximizing your financial compensation after a crash.

We represent most people who were injured or lost their loved ones in car accidents on a contingency fee, which means you won’t pay us a fee unless we recover money for you.

Based in Ontario, Oregon, Yturri Rose has represented people throughout the Western Treasure Valley region since 1936. To learn more about our services, contact us today to discuss your situation and how we can help.