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Tim J. Helfrich

Fax: (541) 889-2432
Tim J. Helfrich is senior partner and trial attorney at Yturri Rose LLP who has successfully litigated many cases in state and federal courts in Oregon and Idaho. He has more than 45 years of experience in personal injury and civil litigation. Mr. He… Read More
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Bruno Jagelski

Fax: (541) 889-2432
Bruno is a senior partner and delivers precise, clear, legal arguments based upon the facts of each case and grounded in carefully researched legal theory. Bruno’s extensive experience supports analysis and presentation of the best arguments for ev… Read More
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Brian D. DiFonzo

Fax: (541) 889-2432
Brian DiFonzo came to Yturri Rose in 1996 after working as a clerk with the Lane County Circuit Court. Mr. DiFonzo leads the business department and he became a partner in the firm in 2006. He helps clients with a range of matters including business… Read More
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Zach D. Olson

Fax: (541) 889-2432
Zach joined Yturri Rose in 2018 after several years at an Alaska-based law firm. He became a partner at Yturri Rose in 2022. He practices litigation, in particular related to property disputes, personal injury, and professional malpractice. Zach work… Read More
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Scott K. Warner

Fax: (541) 889-2432
Scott Warner began with Yturri Rose in 1993 and spent 13 years working in the Ontario, Oregon, office. In 2006, he and his family moved to Lakeview, Oregon, to help maintain the family ranch. He continues to practice law part time and serves business… Read More
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Annie Bell

Fax: (541) 889-2432
Annie Bell joined Yturri Rose after graduation from law school. She went to Gonzaga University and studied International Studies with a focus on Latin America. She also has a minor in Biology. After undergrad, Annie worked for TVCC for two years in t… Read More
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Jeremy Hindman

Fax: (541) 889-2432
Jeremy Hindman represents businesses and individuals with their legal needs. His business clients include telecommunications and electric utility companies. He helps his clients navigate various legal matters, including condemnation proceedings, cont… Read More
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Simmone Landau

Fax: (541) 889-2432
Simmone came to Yturri Rose after graduating from the University of Oregon School of Law in 2023 with a focus in intellectual property and business law. Originally from Lakeview, Oregon, she attended Cornell University for undergraduate, studying pla… Read More
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